Eagle Chrome Series Remote and why you cant do without it

Eagle Chrome Series Remote and why you cant do without it

Eagle Chrome Series Remote and why you can’t do without it

In occasions where your neighborhood maybe unsafe and insecure, with this remote you can actually operate your gate and open it from safe distance and then drive in speedily without having to waste time alighting from your vehicle.

Using this remote helps you to save money in the long run as you won’t have need for employing men just to open your gates and more...

This product makes operating your gates stress-free and the compatible CHROME series universal receivers and accompanying remotes makes use of the rolling code technology that provides optimum security and convenience for single-family homes, multi-unit communities and commercial buildings amongst others.

Eagle Swing gate opener opening a Aluminum style design gate using the Eagle compatible remote transmitter

This cutting edge technology remote comes with built-in, self-learning programming at the simple push of a button and is easy to operate even a kid can utilize …

How to program the remote to the receiver:

Step 1: Press the "Learn" button on the receiver and wait for the LED light to turn RED

Step 2: Press any of the buttons of the transmitter twice

Step 3: The led will flicker for several seconds before turning off which will indicate that the learning process is complete and successful.

And you are ON with a remote in your hands that can save you and your loved ones and also your assets …