The VIPER TC-3 Gate Opener and its benefits

The VIPER TC-3 Gate Opener and its benefits

The VIPER TC-3 Gate Opener and its benefits

This super quality gate opener helps to keep your home and family safe, ensures your kids and pets stay safely within the premises, prevents unforeseen accidents and helps you save plenty of time. When you buy this quality and affordable gate opener, you live your life completely stress free. Never sacrifice your safety on the platform of other gate openers out there in the market, and don’t put away relishing the security and convenience of this dynamic gate opener. It actually may be the best investment you will ever make and you can have it right today when you place a secure order on our website now.

This amazing gate opener is another exclusive choice for your premises and is reputed as one of the best newly redesigned TC-3 residential slide gate operator in the marketplace. It features the VGS-13 control board with on-board LED display and a built in Overload sensitivity sensor with increased gate capacity of up to 800 lbs. it also comes with a 2 Year Motor residential warranty and with convenient fuse access and LED status indicators for gate application.

TC3 Viper gate design Inside view

It is amazingly suitable for low voltage installation, reliable gate operation, and peace of mind operation during a power failure. What more – it comes with 2 manual release keys, and is completely safety compliant to UL making the TC-3 the operator of choice for your residential slide gate application. It prides itself with the following full option features:

  • Weight and Length: 800 lbs and 35 ft.

• Electronic anti-entrapment system (If the gate hits a vehicle while closing, it reverses. If it hits a vehicle while opening, the gate will simply stop.)

• Weather-proof casing

• Auto-close timer (Set your gate to close within 12, 25 and 45 seconds)

• Overload protection

• Gate Travel: 11" per second

• Reliable magnetic limit switches for accurate open and close gate positions

• Self-locking in both open and close positions. Release-key to open gate manually in case of an emergency (ie: power failure, fire, etc.)

• ARL Listed UL rated System certified to be in compliance with UL 325, 5th edition

• 2 year limited factory warranty