Viper Gate Systems Introduces the Latest and State of the Art Universal Plug in Receiver

Viper Gate Systems Introduces the Latest and State of the Art Universal Plug in Receiver

Viper Gate Systems, one of the leading online stores that cater all gate safety needs, is happy to introduce their latest product – the universal plug-in receiver.

This state of the art Plug-in receiver is for garage door openers. Along with Gate1® remotes, it can be set up and serve as a good option for OEM brand remotes which can cost up to 35 dollars for every remote. The universal plug-in receiver comes with a range of up-to 500 feet, which is higher compared to other renowned garage door openers. Another remarkable thing about this product is that it is equipped with a rolling code system to avoid hacks from burglars who like to get inside the property. The Universal Plug-in receiver is Homelink compatible.

The universal plug in receiver works along with a keychain design remote transmitter as well as keyless entry pad. It is also easy to set up. Just plug in this product into an electrical outlet, then connect the cables to a garage door push button inputs and then program the receiver to the remote. That’s it!

Universal garage door receiver and remote kit

Apart from being Homelink compatible and having 500 feet long range, this universal plug-in receiver also comes with 4 feet N.O contact cables, 110 VAC output and is compatible with any brands of gate and garage door openers.

“Universal plug-in receiver is really exceptional. I purchased one last week and I was amazed how responsive and reliable this product is. So easy to install and has long ranger. What is the best about this product is that I can open up my gate without getting out of my car. Amazing, isn’t? I really recommended this product to every homeowner in our place,” says Juliet.

About Viper Gate System

Viper Gate System is a company that aims to make the lives of homeowners easier. The company provides advanced products for residential and commercial premises and their products cover remote gate opener’s parts, slide gate openers and many more.

Viper Gates System is also the leading company in the home security business and has helped many companies and homes all over Florida. They keep on finding new ways to help home and business owners.