Have you ever left for a vacation with your family only to come back to a ransacked and robbed home? Burglars broke in and made away with your valuables, money and sensitive documents. Many questions ran through your mind; could it be the alarm police, or your friend who knew about your whereabouts or what exactly went wrong? But the main question is, what security measures had you taken? 

When it comes to your home, security is essential. Safety measures should be taken always to protect your property, family and yourself. There are a few measures one can take to enhance the safety. 

Safety measures to protect your property while you are away

Apart from installing security gate openers and driveways automated, there are various ways in which you can protect your property while you are away. 

i. Keep off the social networks – Do not inform the world of your departure while on a vacation; stay on the safe side until you return then you can upload photos.

ii. Alert the alarm police that you will be away and make sure you leave the door and window alarms in good working condition.

iii. Ensure you unplug all electrical appliances in the house to protect your home from electrical fire and power surge.

iv. You can entrust a friend or neighbor with your spare key to check your house constantly or inform you of an emergency.

v. Ensure you create the illusion that there are people at home by hiring someone to mow, tidy the compound, and drive cars in and out of the garage.

vi. Ensure you keep your sensitive documents, money and other valuables in a fire proof safe.

vii. Hold your mail at the post office and newspapers for the period you will be away. Alternatively you can ask a trusted neighbor to collect them for you until you return home.

viii. Ensure that you remove all the spare keys from the hiding places before you leave for your vacation.

ix. Instead of leaving your lights on throughout the vacation period, purchase a light switch timer that will turn your lights on and off according to a programmed schedule. This will give burglars or any intruders the impression that there is someone at home. 

 Slide gate opener

Gate openers

In addition to taking various safety measures, installing an automatic safety gate opener is a way of boosting security at you home. 

Do you have a security gate opener at your beautiful home? Do not wait any longer; give your family the opportunity to live in a safe and secure environment by installing a security gate opener. It’s a simple and sweet way of expressing love.

Why purchase a gate opener?

Purchasing the best gate opener is a good strategy when it comes to boosting security at your home. Gate openers have become a part and parcel of everyday life; you therefore need to be careful when buying and installing to avoid additional expenses since it’s very expensive. Always ensure you buy a gate opener (whether commercial or residential) that meets your needs perfectly.

Gate openers make life easier and fun for you and your family. This is because they;

i. Enhance security at your home; the gate keeps interlopers and burglars from getting access into the property (you can get access to the compound only if you know the security code).

ii. Improve the status of your home by adding a touch of beauty and sophistication.

iii. Easy to use; all you need to do is to dial the security code without having to step out of your car.


Types of gate openers;

There are various types of gate openers in the market. Some of them include;

Sliding gate opener – This is a very convenient gate opener since it saves on space and it’s easy to use. When deciding to settle on a sliding gate opener you need to consider how busy your gate will be so that you can purchase a gate opener that’s suitable for the purpose. In addition, you should decide whether you need a double gate or a single gate to determine the number of opener operators that you need.

Swinging gate opener – This gate opener is durable and has the power to move very strong gates comfortably. To make it more convenient and user friendly, you can add an underground sensor at a strategic location to sense and open for you to go through. This will save you time and the hustle involved with opening the gate for yourself. When installing however, you should ensure that you take into consideration the space available and the gradient of the compound. 

Dual gate openers – This is the perfect gate opener when it comes to opening large double gate. Just like other gate openers, it saves on time and it’s extremely convenient. 

Gate openers play a big role in protecting your home while you are away on a vacation or other normal times. However, a lot of keenness is needed when installing a gate opener since gates are different; they are made of different material, the power access varies, and they are exposed to varying environmental conditions. Therefore you should ensure that you get a trusted expert with several gate opener options to install for you. 

Driveway gate automated

When you are driving home in the evening or after a long holiday with your family, it feels good to have an automated driveway welcoming you back. Driveway gate automated makes life fun and gives your home a touch of class, beauty and sophistication.

There are many driveway gate automated that together with the gate openers, they increase the security of your home. They are readily available in the market at an affordable price. However, you need to take caution of the person you hire to install them for you. Ensure utmost professionalism and expertise when installing the security gate openers. 

Do not compromise the security of your home. Protect your property and your family while you are away. Install the best gate openers and live comfortably. Life is fun when there is assured security!