Getting to Know about the RAS Remote Control Transmitter

Getting to Know about the RAS Remote Control Transmitter

These days’ people are shifting towards remote control transmitters, since it offers them with efficiency and reliability. There has been a shift in momentum, which have been brought about due to the advancements in technology. Now you can easily find the best electronic devices for your every day home use and the RAS remote control transmitter is one of them.

A lot of people have installed electronic gates in their homes, since it provides them with greater convenience. People can not only find peace of mind but greater security as well with the electronic gates in their homes. Gate remotes help in opening and closing the gates, while you don’t even have to get outside of your vehicle in order to open the gate. There are numerous designs available as well, which ensure that you can easily keep your gate remote transmitter by your side easily.

RAS Remote Control Offers More Power & Durability

Ras remote transmitter kit for Eagle gate operator installed in a gate

One problem that a lot of people have faced over the years is how fragile remote transmitters and controllers actually are, and how easily they can be damaged or broken. Now with the RAS remote control, you don’t have to worry about that at all, since the design is impeccable and ensures that it will be both durable, reliable and has more power than any other remote control.

The latest RAS remote transmitter 390mhz has a rolling code keychain design, which means that it is small enough to fit in your pockets and is easy to carry. The overall design of the remote control has proven to be a revelation, since it allows you to easily carry it with you. Another key feature of the gate remote is that it is homelink compatible, which means you can also program to your car’s built-in remote transmitters for added conveniece.

Greater Ease of Use and Efficiency

One of the standout features of the RAS remote transmitter is that the distance on the remote is over 500 feet. This means that it provides you with greater efficiency, as you don’t have to stop and wait for the gate to open. You can simply push a button on the remote while you are still far from the garage or gate so that when you arrive at the garage or gate, it will be open and you can drive straight without stopping.

The rugged design of the RAS remote control also means that it is a great fit for rural areas as well, as it will survive any fall or damage that it sustains. The small design of the gate remote also means that it can easily fit inside your hand and is just the right size to fit inside your pocket without making you uncomfortable.

The RAS remote control transmitter comes with a 12v battery, which allows you to use it for quite a long time period without having to worry about your gate. If you have been looking for high quality gate remotes in Miami then you need to check out RAS remote control transmitter for your home.