Ease of Life: The VGS-13 control board

Ease of Life: The VGS-13 control board

Ease of Life: The VGS-13 control board



Does opening the gate bother you while sitting in your car? When you drive home after a hard day’s work, do you feel the need for someone else to open the gates for you? Well, look no further because the solution is here. Viper Gate Systems (VGS in short) are a Florida based company, who specifically have expertise in these systems. Besides providing with new equipment and technology, they also ace in latest accessories like remotes and keypads. Viper Gate solution systems are also available for a variety of light and heavy-duty gates, ranging from Aluminum to Wood and PVC fence also.


Now, let’s take a close look at the VGS-13 circuit board for the operation of Viper TC-3 slide gate featured in this video. It is a class-I residential slide gate opener, with a chain-type magnetic limit switch, meant to be used for a single family only. It has the following components:


  • 6 ampere fuse.
  • On and off switch.
  • Capacitor Plug in.
  • Motor Plug in.
  • Power LED.
  • DIP switch setting for gate operation.
  • A close overloads adjustment.
  • An open overload adjustment.
  • Buzzer.
  • 2 channel built-in receiver.
  • Remote programming button.
  • Antenna.
  • Limit switch plug in.
  • Gate close and open indicator LED.
  • Terminal connection block.


The DIP switch setting is a feature selector. It has 8 dips. They are used accordingly:


  • DIP 1: It is the limit switch type. ‘Off’ is normally open and ‘On’ is normally close.
  • DIP 2, 3 and 4: It has triple auto close feature of 12.5 seconds(2 ON), 25 seconds(3ON) and 45 seconds(4ON) respectively.
  • DIP 5: Direction of opening gate.’ On’ is to the left and ‘Off’ is to the right.
  • DIP 6: It is not used.
  • DIP 7 and 8: Receiver Channel 1 and 2 respectively.




When using auto-close features, only one DIP switch should be ON. The other two DIP switch should be in OFF position for the gate to work properly.




  • Reliable magnetic limit switch for accurate open and close gate operations.
  • Self-locking gate positions.
  • 300 MHz receiver.


Safety issues are also resolved, as:


  • Safety monitor will stop and reverse gate to open position if it senses an obstruction.
  • Release-key to open gate manually in case of an emergency.
  • Anti-entrapment system, operable in both the open and closing directions.
  • Enclosed chain cover for added protection.


So, live your life the easy way: use Viper Gate System solutions for your comfort and classic lifestyle. VGS is a reputed player in this industry with guaranteed quality service.