Why You Should Purchase A Viper Gate Opener For Your Home

Why You Should Purchase A Viper Gate Opener For Your Home

Safety is always everyone’s number 1 concern when it comes to protecting their home and property, and it truly should be. A Viper Gate Opener gives you a more solid piece of mind when it comes to control who can and can not enter the property to your home.

Most people with home security devices are making a smart move in investing in their property. However, a home security system will only be a small deterrent for someone trying to break into your home or vandalize it.

A Viper Gate Opener, will provide a bigger deterrent for anyone trying to enter your property. The gate motor and chain are super strong, and will not allow anyone to access the gate without having their gate remote to open it. Plus, once you buy the proper gate size for your home you will have a wall that helps to protect your castle…your home.

For Example, our VIPER TC-3 Gate Opener comes with many amazing feature that you will love:
•  Electronic anti-entrapment system (If the gate hits a vehicle while closing, it reverses. If it hits a vehicle while opening, the gate will simply stop.)
•  Weather-proof casing
•  Auto-close timer (Set your gate to close within 12, 25 and 45 seconds)
•  Overload protection
•  Gate Travel: 11" per second
•  Reliable magnetic limit switches for accurate open and close gate positions
•  Self-locking in both open and close positions. Release-key to open gate manually in case of an emergency (ie: power failure, fire, etc.)
•  ARL Listed UL rated System certified to be in compliance with UL 325, 5th edition
•  2 year limited factory warranty Our Viper gate openers are an amazing product to help make your property more secure. Call us today to find out more!

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